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Legislative Session, Week 9 (1991)

Louisiana: The State We're In



Genre: Newsmagazine

Place Covered: Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 1991-06-14

Duration: 00:26:51

Subjects: Politics | Government | Louisiana. Legislature | Louisiana Legislative Session, 1991 | Abortion | TEACHER EVALUATIONS | Republican Party (La.)


  • Collins, Robert Host
  • Nachman, Karen Reporter
  • Duhe, Jeff Reporter
  • Begnaud, Wallace Interviewee
  • Quirk, Marilyn Interviewee
  • Roemer, Buddy Interviewee
  • Fontenot, Sharon Interviewee
  • Goff, Allyn Interviewee
  • Bares, Allen Interviewee
  • Roemer, Buddy Speaker
  • Brun, Roy Speaker
  • Picard, Cecil Speaker
  • Day, Linda Interviewee
  • Cody, Wilmer Interviewee
  • Cain, James David Interviewee
  • Picard, Cecil Interviewee
  • Dastugue, Quentin Interviewee
  • Brun, Roy Interviewee
  • Rombach, John Interviewee
  • Nunez, Sammy Speaker
  • Holden, Kip Interviewee
  • Fields, Cleo Interviewee
  • Ewing, Randy Interviewee
  • Ivon, Louis Interviewee
  • Konrad, Nancy Interviewee
  • Heitmeier, Francis Interviewee


This episode of the series “Louisiana: The State We’re In” from June 14, 1991, features Robert Collins, Karen Nachman, and Jeff Duhe reporting on the ninth week of the 1991 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. Collins first reports on the week’s headlines. These stories include: the sentencing of former Insurance Commissioner Doug Green to 25 years in federal prison for bribery; the death of former 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alvin B. Rubin at age 71; and the LSU Tiger baseball team visiting the state capitol after winning the national championship at the 1991 College World Series. Nachman then reports on the long wait for Governor Buddy Roemer’s decision on whether he will sign the restrictive abortion bill passed by the Legislature. She interviews: Dr. Wallace Begnaud of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Marilyn Quirk of Magnificat; Governor Buddy Roemer; Sharon Fontenot of Louisiana Right to Life; Allyn Goff, pro-choice advocate; and State Senator Allen Bares. Nachman then presents highlights of a news conference with Governor Roemer announcing his decision to veto the bill. Next, Duhe reports on the House Education Committee approving a bill that suspends the Roemer Administration’s teacher evaluation system for one year. His report includes: highlights of the testimony by Governor Roemer and State Senator Cecil Picard, the bill’s sponsor; State Representative Roy Brun questioning Roemer; and interviews with Governor Roemer, Linda Day of the Louisiana Association of Educators, Superintendent of Education Dr. Wilmer Cody, State Representative James David Cain, and State Senator Cecil Picard. Nachman then interviews State Representatives Quentin Dastugue and Roy Brun, who discuss the upcoming State Republican Convention. Lastly, Duhe reports on the session’s other headlines, including: an interview with John Rombach of the Legislative Fiscal Office on the Senate approving a one-cent sales tax on previously exempt items in the Louisiana Recovery District; Senate President Sammy Nunez discussing the one-cent sales tax on the Senate floor; an interview with State Representative Kip Holden on an environmental bill; an interview with State Senator Cleo Fields on his bill creating a one-thousand foot zone around hazardous waste facilities; an interview with State Senator Randy Ewing on his drug rehabilitation bill; an interview with State Representative Louis Ivons on his bill expanding wiretapping rules; an interview with Judge Nancy Konrad of the Children’s Code Committee on amendments made to the bill; and an interview with State Representative Francis Heitmeier on his bill creating a uniform license plate.