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Best of Louisiana Public Square (2009)

Louisiana Public Square



Genre: News, Public Affairs

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2009-12-16

Duration: 00:57:42

Subjects: Filmed panel discussions | Hurricanes | Natural Disasters | Hurricane Katrina, 2005 | Emergency management | Hurricane preparedness | ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT | Economy | Job creation | Education | Truancy | High school dropouts | Online social networks | Social media | Internet | Technology | Internet marketing


  • Courtney, Beth Host
  • Freeman, Craig Host
  • Broussard, Bryan Photographer
  • Budd, Sally Photographer
  • Bush, Charles Photographer
  • Crews, Keith Photographer
  • Fortenberry, Rex Q. Photographer
  • Godoy, Al Photographer
  • Woods, Virnado Photographer
  • Allen, Gary Director
  • Fontenot, Jodie Director
  • LaFleur, Donna Director
  • Gautreaux, Kevin Producer
  • Godoy, Al Producer
  • Santos, Pat Interviewee
  • Ebbert, Terry Interviewee
  • Nichols, Kristy Interviewee
  • Flournoy, Melissa Interviewee
  • Honore, Russel Panelist
  • Jayroe, Natalie Speaker
  • Cooper, Mark Panelist
  • Hobdy, Gerri Panelist
  • McCarthy, Jessica Speaker
  • Holden, Kip Panelist
  • McGoey, Kathy Speaker
  • Harris, Tressa Speaker
  • Moret, Stephen Interviewee
  • Hawkins, Clarence W. Interviewee
  • Eisenstadt, Robert Interviewee
  • Trichel, Tana Interviewee
  • Walsworth, Mike Interviewee
  • Ewing, Stewart, Jr. Interviewee
  • Elliott, Mark Speaker
  • Moret, Stephen Panelist
  • Norris, David, Jr. Panelist
  • Staten, Carrie Speaker
  • Mayo, Jamie Panelist
  • Thompson, Francis Panelist
  • Hargiss, Dennis Speaker
  • Smith, John Warner Interviewee
  • Jackson, Henry "Richey" Interviewee
  • Nola-Ganey, Donna Interviewee
  • Weimer, Yvonne Interviewee
  • Fannin, Jim Interviewee
  • Smith, Billie Interviewee
  • Holmes, Ronnie Interviewee
  • Creed, Aline Speaker
  • Pastorek, Paul Panelist
  • Monaghan, Steve Panelist
  • Nichols, Kristy Panelist
  • Jackson, Henry "Richey" Panelist
  • Vining, Marie Speaker
  • Williams, Autumn Interviewee
  • Chaney, Paul Interviewee
  • Alexander, Taylor Interviewee
  • Hilbun, Joel Interviewee
  • Picard, Derrick Interviewee
  • Ford, Monica Interviewee
  • Wu Song, Felicia Interviewee
  • L'Herisson, Sandra Speaker
  • Breaux, Whitney Panelist
  • Schwarz, Andrew Panelist
  • Bennett, Ben Speaker
  • Abshire, Sheryl Panelist
  • Holmes, David Speaker
  • Xenos, Michael Panelist


This episode of the series “Louisiana Public Square” from December 16, 2009, features a look back at some of the show’s memorable moments from the 2009 season. The topics include: an in-depth look at how procedures, policies and planning for hurricanes have changed since Katrina, Rita and Gustav (from “Hurricane! Lessons Learned); the state’s efforts to move the economy forward (from “Economic Development”); how to reduce the large number of Louisiana high school dropouts (from “Louisiana’s Dropout Problem”); and the growing influence of online social media sites (from “The Power of Social Networking”).Host: Beth CourtneyHost: Craig Freeman