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Barry Erwin, CABL (2010)

The Press Club



Genre: News, Public Affairs, Speech

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2010-08-16

Duration: 00:26:10

Subjects: BATON ROUGE PRESS CLUB | Erwin, Barry | COUNCIL FOR A BETTER LOUISIANA | Education | HIGHER EDUCATION | Commissioner of Higher Education | Louisiana. Legislature. Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget | Louisiana GRAD Act of 2010 | Louisiana Board of Regents | Louisiana Legislative Session, 2010


  • Erwin, Barry Speaker


A speech by Barry Erwin before the Baton Rouge Press Club on August 16, 2010. Erwin is the president of the Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL). He discusses the education legislation passed during the 2010 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, including: the passage of a bill requiring the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget to approve the salary for the new Commissioner of Higher Education; the Louisiana GRAD Act; and the Board of Regents funding formula. Erwin also talks about the micromanagement of education, national validation for the direction public education is headed in Louisiana, and resources available to the public regarding school board elections.